Have you ever wondered how other companies are managing their CAD data? Have you ever wondered what their numbering or revision schemes are and if yours could be any better? If you did, read on, because this blog is for you!

At our company, we are constantly questioning ourselves the same questions. I have worked for different companies as a contractor, and I have seen some very bad cases of CAD data management. Therefore, I came up with the idea of making a blog mainly about the topic of CAD data management in SolidWorks, where different SolidWorks users can share their CAD standards and procedures.

In the future, the blog will also offer a predefined simple CAD standard – anyone who starts with SolidWorks can start using it immediately and appear professional. We all know that habits are hard to unlearn, so we want to direct you in the right way to become a productive and successful Solidworks user.

It’s not just speedy clicking and 3D mouse gadgets, you know. When the projects get big, you really want to have good data management in place, or be prepared to go crazy! We’ve been there.

This blog will be suitable for PDM and non-PDM users.

If you want to know more about CAD data management in SolidWorks, please take a look at the blog and feel free to contact us if you have any ideas on topics we should cover on our blog.

The creators of this blog:

Barbara Jerin

is a mechanical engineer and is currently working for JRP d.o.o. 

Besides current projects, she is also taking care of PDM and other company standards that keep the company one step ahead of the competition. 

Because she likes CAD management and would like to share her ideas with the public, she started this blog.

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Grega Jerin

is a mechanical engineer and is currently working for JRP d.o.o. 

He is the project manager and head of CAD design at the company.

Besides this, he is also testing the new standards and procedures for CAD management.

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