Blog Update 2021

It's been a while since I published the last blog post and I apologize for taking so long.

I must confess, I chickened out!  

And the reason is that after starting this blog, I got connected with people who showed me how wrong I am. And that there is so much I don't know on the topics that I wanted to write about here. Of course, this caused some negative self-talk, like:

"What was I even thinking? I’m not good enough to write this!"

"I'm not even a CSWE or CM2 certified, what gives me the permission to preach about it?”

So, I started procrastinating....waiting for the perfect moment to make my come-back.

Lately, I did realize (the obvious) that no one else will write this blog instead of me. And that I will most probably never feel good enough to share my knowledge with others, because I will never know everything, especially on a topic so complex like configuration management. And that I will never have time for it unless I make some.

So, I had to make a decision:

"I call this whole thing off and never write again..."


"I continue sharing my opinion with you and look forward to receiving feedback, no matter how scrutinizing it will be." 

Actually, I must confess that without starting this blog I would never get connected with Paul van der Ree, Joe Brouwer, and Jörg Eisenträger who were my first mentors on my path to realizing there is so much more I don't know and that 99% of what I thought was actually wrong! So, big thanks to you guys!

Getting this blog running again will most probably (I hope so) connect me with additional people that know more about these topics than I do. This way I will be able to learn more about it and then share it back with you here.

The plan is to start writing again and to share with you my opinions and new ideas that I will discover along my path to developing simple and robust CAD standards and processes for Solidworks and Solidworks PDM.

I’m actually amazed that although the blog was more or less inactive for two years, the Numbering scheme blog post still gets a lot of views! This indicates that there is a need for this kind of information and this pushes me forward to share more on this topic with you.

The purpose of this blog stays the same as it was in the beginning. I still do believe that there is a need for simple standards because the world is getting complex for no good reason and we sometimes need to take a step back.

So, this blog post was my today's step forward. Although I'm throat-deep in projects (as usual ... and I don't think this will ever change) I hope to share more info with you soon.

Stay safe.

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Barbara Jerin

Is the creator of this blog and author of the majority of blog posts.

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  1. Hello Barbara, keep up the good work. I’ve just joined a start up as the first and only mechanical engineer and I have about a week to set up Solidworks and all the peripheral PDM etc. So I am very glad to find your site and I am excited to read through all of it.

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